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AWS WordPress Hosting! How to install WordPress on Lightsail Hosting


When we think about upgrading to Cloud Hosting from Shared first thought in mind is AWS WordPress Hosting. We have a lot of questions in our minds, and literally, no one to answer that in one go! We need to check so many websites, blogs, Pricing pages, etc to get a small set of information and decide if or when to get started with cloud Hosting or in my case Amazon Web Services.

In this article, I will try to answer as many questions, Problems, and Step by Step Guide on How to install WordPress on Amazon Lightsail. All you need is an account on Amazon AWS. Now you can start your own WordPress Website on an Amazon Lightsail Account as low as USD3.5 with a One-month Free TRIAL!!!!!

Let’s Start with the Type of Question Have! Also please share your questions if not covered here, i will try to answer and add them to the page!

Lightsail Pricing! How much does Lightsail Plan Cost?

Amazon Lightsail has many plan but Basic Plan with USD 3.5 with Free One month Trial is good enough to start with. It can easily control website with Traffic of upto 3-5k! and yes, THIS WILL NOT BE INCREASED AND YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED MORE AMOUNT THAN THE SELECTED PLAB, UNTIL NOT CHOSEN!

How to install or set up WordPress on LightSail Amazon AWS?

You can start with Creating a account on Amazon AWS, and navigate to Lighsail DashBoard, It will look like this!

Click on “Create Instance”. You will be asked for Server Location and Platform. I use Linux for Platform.

What other apps can we use in AWS Lightsail?

Then it will ask you which app you want to use on the instance, it will preinstall and launch the app. For example WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Choose WordPress and then select the Instance Plan. Amazon AWS Lightsail offers many plans, from 512MB Ram to 32GB Ram! from USD3.5 to USD160 per month! You can select your plan according to your requirement.

aws wordpress hosting

Name you Instance – This is the identifier for your own reference.

and then click create instance!

By this you have created the Hosting Space for your Website. It will create a Public IP fpr your instance you can also go and check the IP for testing.

Now we need to link our Domain to just created instance.

How to Link Domain to Lightsail Instance.

When you link the Domain to the Instance, the Domain will point to your Hosting IP. I have Domain Registered with Godaddy. you can have your domain registered with any registrar. you just need to update the Domain Nameserver as created on the Lightsail account!

Step 1 – Create a Static Ip Address for your Instance

Go to LightSail Dashboard, and click on Networking Tab

Click “Create Static IP”, Select the Instance you created above and Name the Static IP for future reference (maybe same as your domain name), and click “Create”. Now your Static Ip is created. Now you have to create a Domain Name Server.

Step 2 – Create a DNS Zone

Under the same Networking Tab click “Create DNS Zone”.

Enter your Domain Name and just click on Create DNS Zone!. After this you will get 4 set of Domain Name Server, which you have to update and configure on your Domain Name Registrar Settings.

Now most of the Work is Done! After you configure the Nameserver on the Registrar Page, after a while you will be able to edit DNS Records on DNS Zone Settings.

Go again to Lightsail Dashboard, and then to Networking Tab. Here click on Previously created DNS Zone, and Add two “A” Records.

  • Click Add Record, Select A Record on Type, on subdomain type “www”, in section – Resolves to – select the Static IP Address which you created earlier for your instance.
  • Click Add Record, Select A Record on Type, on subdomain type “@”, in section – Resolves to – select the Static IP Address which you created earlier for your instance.

first one will direct all the request with www to the website, and second one is for subdomains.

THATS IT! its done. Now you can check your domain. you will be able to see the newly created Just another WordPress Website!

How to do first login creating WordPress Site on AWS?

For Logging in to your wordpress dashboard, you need to use the URL, www.yourdomainname.com/wp-login. and use the user name as “user”, and use the below mentioned process to retrieve the password.

  1. Go to LightSail Dashboard, and click on the instance created.
  2. Click on “Connect using SSH”.

3. Use the following command to check the Password.

cat bitnami_application_password

You will find the password as below on the screen.

Bitnami default application password.

Use this password on the wordpress login page and you will be able to access your WordPress Dashboard.

For any query please comment on the section below, I will try to answer as much as possible. Also, you can contact me directly on Instagram. @digitaladhyapak


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