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How to update Nameserver to your Domain


Update Nameserver on GoDaddy or any other Domain Name Registrar

Whenever you are using Hosting other than from your Domain Registrar, you will have to point / update Nameserver to the Hosting Address. Here comes the Role of Domain Name Server, when you buy the Hosting plan, or you create an instance in Amazon AWS, you will get a set of Nameservers that have to be updated on the Domain Name Registrar Config Page.

Login to your account from where you have bought the Domain Name. In my case from Godaddy, mostly all the Registrar will have the same or similar process to update the Domain Name Servers.

After Logging In go to your Profile / My Products Section, where you can see all your Products / Services you have purchased from them! You will be able to see the 3Dotts near to the Domain Name, Click and choose Manage DNS.

update nameserver

Scroll Down, until you see Nameserver, click edit and update with the set of Nameservers given to you by hosting Provider or on Amazon AWS Instance.

It can take upto 24hours for the name servers to get updated, also known as Propagation time!

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