What is WordPress? How to Install WordPress Step by Step via cPanel

What is Wordpress and How to Install Wordpress

As per Netcraft, there were 182 million active websites in 2018 and 200 million in 2019. So the Total number of websites added alone in 2019 must be approximately 18 million which is approximately more than 49 thousand websites per day. When we talk about website two common names are there i.e WordPress and CMS. CMS is a Content Management System. How to use CMS or How to Install WordPress?

What is CMS?

CMS is a Web Application that helps nontechnical users or webmasters creating the content / or a website without the use of any programming language. So, the users do not have to learn a Programming language just to create a website on their own. There are two types of CMS

  • Pre-made CMS
  • Custom CMS

Pre-Made cms are the Applications or software which are readily available for the Webmaster to install and use on their Hosting or server. While the Custom CMS is specifically designed and developed by a Team of Designer and Developer as the client’s requirement but it must have an Admin Dashboard and Frontend. Some common examples of content management system per WordPress, Drupal, open cart, Magento, etc.

Being WordPress is the most famous CMS, as per W3 tech it is covered up approx more than 35% of total websites online wheater CMS or non-CMS. The Biggest advantage of WORDPRESS is easy to use and install, and it has more than 50 Thousand plugins available on WordPress.org that are free of cost.

Is WordPress Free or Paid

WordPress is an Open Source Program and is under GNU Public License. So, anyone with the access to the internet can download the WordPress from their Official Website, and install it on their server to use and create the website they desire.

But there are certain things one should keep in their minds about WordPress.

  • WordPress is Free but you do have to pay for Domain and Web Hosting or Web server for your website
  • There are certain Themes and Plugins which are paid as well as free. If you want to use those particular Paid Premium WordPress Themes or Plugins you will have to pay for those.
  • If you own e-commerce, then you do have to follow the payment gateway terms and conditions and their transaction commissions.

Types of Website you can make with WordPress?

Being the most famous and user-friendly CMS, with WordPress you can make any type of website. The most common type of website is Blogs. But you can make any type Of website with WordPress like Ecommerce, Blogs, Business website, Portfolio Website, etc.

If you want to know more about What is E-Commerce? you can check my other Blog here.

How can i Create a website free?

Yes, WordPress is totally free but to make the online presence, you still need to invest for Domain name and Web Hosting and buy the Server space for the Website. But still, if you do not wish to spend any penny on making a website and create an online presence, you can do so. There are many options for that but here I am showing you two options for that.

Create Using a Freenom Domain and Free Web Hosting.

Freenom.com is a Website that is giving Free Domain Name with some Different TLD. Like TK, ML, GA, CF, GQ.

What is WordPress? How to make free website with Freenom TLD Option

I have also created a full detailed video on how to get free Domain and Web Hosting that you can check below.

How to get Free Domain and Free Web Hosting

From Freenom.com you can get the Free Domain. 000webhost.com has a free plan for Free Web Hosting for a lifetime.

Create using Sub-Domain

There are some web Hosts, which provide you free web hosting and sub-domain but you can only use it under their own Sub-Domain. You may not be able to shift or migrate but you can only buy the domain from them if you want to use your own domain, but still, the Web Hosting is always Free. Some of them are

What are the requirements to install WordPress?

Checklist before installing WordPress

Technical Requirement is not the one that I worry about because that is something that your Hosting provider will workout. You just need to confirm before Purchasing Web Hosting about the Following Requirements.

  • PHP 7.3 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB 10.1 or greater
  • Nginx or Apache with mod_rewrite module
  • HTTPS support

This is the Technical Server Requirement for running or installing WordPress but instead of worrying about this, you may just ask your Hosting Provider if they give the WordPress Friendly Server or if their Hosting Supports WordPress.

Second Checklist before Installing wordpress.

If you do not want to see the Checklist and directly want to see how to install WordPress, Skip to Next Step.

These are the Common Mistakes that are done by majorly all the beginners.

  • Connect DNS (Domain Name Server) and Hosting – This issue occurs Majorly if your Domain Name Provider and Hosting Provider are different. In this case, you need to connect your Name Server with Hosting. This is a very Simple Step. You need to get the Name Servers from your Hosting Provider and Place it on the Domain Name Server Setting Page in your Domain Name Provider Dashboard – DNS Settings.
  • Domain Name Should not be under Parked Status – Sometimes when you purchase a Secondary Domain or even a primary Domain from other Domain Registrar than your Hosting Provider, your Domain Name will be under parked Status. To check if your Domain is under Parked Status, either check the A Record in your Domain Name Server Records. Or your Domain will be Redirected to your Domain Registrar Branding Page with Tagline “This Domain is Parked Free with Godaddy”. You can check the example Image below
How to Install WordPress? Parked Domain

  • Add your Secondary Domain as Add-On Domain. : This is only applicable if you already have a website running and installing WordPress on the second domain. You can skip this step if this is your first Domain Name under a Single Hosting Plan. One hosting is Connected to a Primary Domain and Add-On Domains as Secondary. For this, you need to go to your cPanel, Then Addon Domain Section. From here you will be able to add a new domain If your Hosting Plan allows multiple Domain. If you want the Full Video on this watch this video
Watch the Full Video on What is WordPress and How to Install WordPress via cPanel

How to Install WordPress on Server Step by Step via cPanel?

Mostly all Web Hosting Providers are using the cPanel or its alternative (especially if you are using VPN, as mostly all shared hosting provide cPanel). Login to your cPanel, and Search for INSTALLATRON or SOFTACULOUS, both of the applications Provides one-click installation for various CMS like Magento, Open Cart, Forums, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. Select WordPress and Click Install.

Installatron CMS Installation Panel
Installatron Install Application Panel

On the Installation Page select the Domain, you want the WordPress to get installed, and fill the details. Please check the Video on How to Install WordPress? You can check the Settings in the Video. Installation is complete in like 3 to 4 minutes depending on the Hosting Speed.

How to access admin Panel of WordPress Website

After the First installation, you will have to access the admin dashboard of your website. to access the Admin Panel of your WordPress website place “/wp-admin” after the domain name like “www.yourdomainname.com/wp-admin”. After the first installation, you will be redirected to a wp-config page, i.e the First Configuration page of WordPress. You will have to make some settings like Theme, WordPress website name, Tag line, etc. and finally you will be redirected to the Admin Dashboard.

Installation is done, after this, you may start using your website as your website is live.

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